Looking to install new garage flooring in Fort Saskatchewan? Look no further. B-Protek is finally offering its renowned garage flooring installation services in your area.

With nearly 25,000 residents, the city of Fort Saskatchewan can now count on the expert services of B-Protek.

We offer top quality garage flooring installation services to the individuals and businesses of Fort Saskatchewan. Contact us and we’ll come to you for a complimentary first visit. Our results are guaranteed and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied.

The professionals we hire have all the necessary certifications and insurance to serve you best.

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Our Garage Floor Coatings in Fort Saskatchewan:


B-Protek offers you three types of coatings that are all adapted to the unique characteristics of garages.

They are: durable, easy to clean and aesthetic! Moreover, they pose no risk to your health.

  • Polyurea with flakes: This coating is the most popular one with our clients.
  • Solid epoxy: Very solid and durable, this coating is also very aesthetic.
  • Metallic epoxy: Ideal if you’re looking for a coating that is shiny and original. Very trendy, metallic epoxy will give a high-tech finish to your garage floor in Fort Saskatchewan.

If you’re not sure which coating to choose, we’d be happy to guide you right from our first contact. Note that these floors are the best on the market. Entrusting us with installation means the peace of mind in knowing you’ll have a result that exceeds all expectations. Your garage flooring in Fort Saskatchewan deserves the very best!


Services Offered by B-Protek


B-Protek offers its clients the following other services:

Don’t hesitate to turn to our flooring installation services in Fort Saskatchewan. Whatever the surface to cover, we’ll take care of it, no problem.


Why entrust your garage flooring in Fort Saskatchewan to B-Protek  ?


After more than 10 years of experience, B-Protek has become the expert in creating unique living spaces for its clients. In addition to having all the necessary certifications and insurance, B-Protek is the go-to source in garage flooring installation in Fort Saskatchewan.

Trusting B-Protek to elegantly revamp your garage? We can’t think of a better idea!

All the coatings we offer are of excellent quality and very durable, and you’ll enjoy a guarantee of more than 20 years with the installation of your garage flooring in Fort Saskatchewan. In addition, our team is passionate, professional and qualified to perform the best workmanship possible.

Submit a quote online or contact the B-Protek team today to install your garage flooring in Fort Saskatchewan.



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