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B-Protek is giving you a hand with your garage flooring project in Alberta!

We strive to provide our Canadian clients nothing less then THE best service in the coating industry.

Our notoriety in Quebec is well established due to the quality of our services and products. The team of B-Protek has decided to prove its worth in Alberta, specifically in the Town of Gibbons.


Garage Flooring in Gibbons: The Work We Do


B-Protek gathered a team of passionate professionals. All of us work towards the same goal: your satisfaction.

We get there by offering you the support you need in every step of the process.

To begin, we offer you an immediate estimate so you can grasp the scale of your project. It enables you to evaluate your preferences and the requirements your garage flooring in Gibbons has to fulfil.

To follow, our experts give you proper advice and recommendations based on your needs to guide you during the decision-making on the choice of coatings.

We offer you a wide selection of products (epoxy and polyurea) in terms of prices, colours and finish. No matter what material you choose for your garage flooring in Gibbons, we offer you advantageous quality-price ratio:

Getting the work done by professionals ensure you to have your garage flooring in Gibbons installed fast without compromising on service quality. Our team makes sure to always stay updated on new techniques and equipment. We use modern technologies that give an incomparable finish and durability to your garage floors.

Visit our gallery to get a taste of the work we could do for your garage flooring in Gibbons.


What to Expect with B-Protek?


This investment is an opportunity to give a whole new look to your garage flooring in Gibbons and make your life easier.

When we think about garage floors, we think about dirt, stains, marks, etc.

Our different coatings add a strong protection to your garage flooring in Gibbons against heavy duty jobs. We offer you durable solutions so the surface stays nice and functional for the next 20 years to come.

Our coatings also give an elegant touch to your garage flooring in Gibbons. In addition to a glossy effect, we left you once the work is done with an easy to maintain and resistant surface.

Teaming up with B-Protek means investing for long-lasting results and tranquility.


Other projects in mind?

Your kitchen flooring or your balcony could be benefiting from a little work from our experts?

Our coatings differentiate themselves by their versatility! B-Protek Gibbons also offers their services for inside and outside areas.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 1.866.7.PROTEK if you want us to revamp your garage flooring in Gibbons into an aesthetic surface.

If you have any questions related to our products or services, you can also email us at



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