Garage flooring Leduc

Want to add some sparks to your garage flooring of Leduc? You are the lucky one, today!

B-Protek Edmonton has decided to expand its branch down south of Edmonton in order to give Leduc inhabitants the best coating services of the industry.

B-Protek Leduc team is composed of experienced professionals that offer their knowledge and competence for the renovation of your garage flooring.

What Products Do we use for your garage flooring at Leduc?

Simply the best on the market. We think that quality results come from high-quality products. B-Protek offers you a variety of coatings for your garage flooring at Leduc to fulfill a wide range of needs and preferences. Our products are easy to use, to maintain and are long-lasting:

  • Polyurea with flakes: this coating differentiate itself by its resistance, and affordability. Those characteristics make it the most popular of all our products.
  • Metallic epoxy: if you are looking for unique results, this high-tech coating might be the one for you. It can give your garage flooring a variety of visual effects, colours and exceptional durability.
  • Solid epoxy: covering your garage floor with solid epoxy is a no-brainer solution. This coating combines resistance, strength, aesthetic, and brightness.
  • Solid clear epoxy: it is an easy way to add protection and a polished effect to your garage floor.

The process behind covering your garage floor in Leduc implies using efficient equipment and technologies. In that way, we make sure that you truly benefit from your investment by taking the means to get the best results: a durable, aesthetic, easy to install and maintain garage floor in Leduc.

What kinds of projects?

The advantage of doing business with B-Protek lies in our versatility. Indeed, our professionals do not only limit themselves to your garage flooring renovation.

Our products are convenient for other surfaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement floors but also for your balcony, patios, and much more!

We give you long-term adapted solutions that fit a wide range of needs and requirements.

Why choose B-Protek Leduc?


Our team thrives for new experiences and challenges. Our dedication put into always staying updated on new materials and technologies keeps the performance of our crew and quality of our services on a high level.

The story behind our success can also be explained by our impeccable customer service:

  • Your satisfaction is our main priority in every project we commit to.
  • You become an active partner in every step of the process.
  • Communication between the client and our team builds a relation of trust.
  • This special bond helps us understand more easily your expectations and fulfil them at the best of our capacities.

We are convinced that we are giving you the greatest deals in terms of garage flooring at Leduc. Our services and products are based on quality. To prove you so, we offer you a 20-year warranty.

B-Protek are available 24/7 for any questions about garage flooring at Leduc. You can also get an immediate estimate. Contact us at 1.866.7.6835!



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