Need new garage flooring in Spruce Grove? You’re at the right place. By choosing B-Protek’s services, you’ll enjoy a floor that’s durable, aesthetic, easy to clean and one that comes with a 20-year guarantee!

In an effort to meet the needs of the its 35,000 residents, we’re proud to offer our services to the individuals and businesses of Spruce Grove.

Garage flooring Spruce Grove

We offer a comprehensive and high-quality garage flooring installation service in Spruce Grove. Simply contact us and we’ll come to you in no time with a complimentary first visit. With our 20-year guarantee on all our floors, we’re confident to offer you the very best possible service.


Our Garage Floor Coatings in Spruce Grove:


Unlike other flooring companies, B-Protek offers numberous types of coating. They’re all perfect for the garage while each of them unique enough that you’re sure to find one that suits you.

We off the following three types of garage floor coatings in Spruce Grove:

  • Polyurea with flakes: Very popular, this coating is the choice of the majority of our clients.
  • Solid epoxy: Even more solid than our other solid models, this coating is very aesthetic.
  • Metallic epoxy: If you’re looking for an coating that’s original and eye-catching, this shiny coating is the answer.

Still not sure which coating to choose? No worries! Simply contact us for some expert advice that meets your needs.

Don’t forget: Regardless of which flooring you choose, all are high quality and guaranteed for 20 years!

Your garage flooring in Spruce Grove deserves the very best.


Services Offered by B-Protek


B-Protek offers its clients the following other services:

Browse each of the above sections to learn more, or simply contact us and we’ll be happy to explain to you our different services.



Why entrust your garage flooring in Spruce Grove to B-Protek?


After more than 10 years of experience, B-Protek is today a company renowned for its quality of service and its ability to create unique living spaces for its clients. The company’s employees have all the necessary certifications and insurance. Simply put, B-Protek is the garage flooring company in Quebec and Alberta.

Your floor will be made from materials that are the best on the market, high quality and very durable. On top of that, all our floor coatings are guaranteed for 20 years, and we boast a team of passionate and qualified professionals. Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind from choosing the best garage flooring offered in Spruce Grove.

Contact us today and we’ll get started on installing your garage flooring in Spruce Grove.



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