Does your garage floor in Stony Plain need a make-over? B-Protek is your answer!

Garage Flooring Stony Plain

Situated in Alberta, the city of Stony Plain is known for its many mural paintings and festivals. B-Protek has recently found a home in the Albertan region, providing a high-quality, affordable and durable service, which Stony Plain residents can now benefit from, thanks to B-Protek.

Our goal is simple: revamp your garage into a modern, aesthetic and resistant space. Our services apply to residential, commercial and industrial garage floors in Stony Plain. Whether it’s to park your car, receive your clients’ cars or to house a game room, B-Protek will install a customized garage floor in Stony Plain.

Take advantage of B-Protek’s services for your garage in Stony Plain, your kitchen floor or other exterior surfaces.


Our Garage Floor Coatings in Stony Plain


Do you know the secret to a high-quality garage floor? The best coatings! That’s what your garage gets with B-Protek.

Before anything else, you need to plan the renovation of your garage floor in Stony Plain. To start, determine the following factors:

  • Your budget;
  • The surface to cover;
  • Your use;
  • Your expectations and needs.

Once you know these variables, the B-Protek team will guide you through your best coating options. We also boast high-performing equipment that allows us to handle large-scale projects for your business or industry, for instance. Our available coatings are:

  • Polyurea with flakes: A very popular coating with our clients, polyurea is ideal for garages, thanks to its resistance, durability and affordable price;
  • Metallic epoxy: A unique coating à la high tech, metallic epoxy is your best choice if you want a unique and trendy garage;
  • Solid epoxy: An aesthetic and resistant coating, solid epoxy will preserve the quality of your floor under any circumstances.

All three of our coatings are very durable and also come in a wide range of colours and designs, allowing you to create your dream garage floor in Stony Plain.


B-Protek: Your Partner for Your Garage Flooring in Stony Plain


Over more than 10 years, B-Protek has quickly become the expert in creating living spaces that are unique, durable and beautiful in the Albertan region. Our clients’ satisfaction is our first priority, so unbeatable customer service is guaranteed.

B-Protek has all the necessary certifications and insurance for your peace of mind.  You’re guaranteed high-quality and durable coatings with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Note that we offer other services to the city of Stony Plain, including flooring installation for your kitchen, bathroom, basement, loft or even your exterior surfaces.

Contact B-Protek today to get started on the installation of your garage floor in Stony Plain, or get an online quote.

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