Call on B-Protek To Change Your Garage Floor in Only One Day

A perfect garage floor is not just about expensive products; you also have to know how to apply them, thereby offering your customers the ideal experience. That is why B-Protek has developed unparalleled working standards and customer service. Here are the main steps in achieving the garage floor of your dreams.

The Quote

With our online quote system, you can get a preliminary estimate in less than 2 minutes.

The Site Visit

Once you have your price, we can visit you to confirm the steps, choose the colours, and confirm the date for transforming your garage floor.

The Moving Container

A few days before the work we deliver a clean moving container to store your effects. You can even avail yourself of our team to assist you in this task.

The transformation

A B-Protek team will come to your home to transform your floor in one day – in good weather or bad, summer or winter!


The B-Protek Method To Achieve a Floor Worthy of Formula One!

The popularity of our services lies mainly in the processes that we have developed over the course of more than ten years to make your garage floor a centrepiece of your home. It is not imply a matter of applying our industrial-quality product on your residential garage floor. We follow a precise method and critical production steps, from preparation to finishing. Here is a summary of the four main stages.

Learn More about Floors Made of Polyurea with Flakes

  • The concrete slab is prepared with an industrial diamond-grinding machine.
  • The cracks are enlarged and filled with liquid-clogging polyurea.
  • The concrete slab is cleaned

The garage floor is sealed with a colour of polyurea that will link the concrete and upper layers.

The Flakes

We saturate the floor with vinyl flakes of the colour of your choice. After an hour or two of drying time we remove the excess.

The Perfect Finish

A clear polyurea finish seals the vinyl flakes and creates a slip-resistant and washable surface for your vehicle.