Concrete-Floor Coating

Lately, there is a growing trend in the world of construction: lofts. All over, we are witnessing the transformation of an old factory, school, or church into condominiums. And that’s great! It allows us to preserve the architectural heritage that is the charm of our neighbourhoods. Fortunately, all these buildings have good solid concrete floors that ensure excellent sound insulation. The basements of houses also offer lots of potential to become beautiful, well-decorated game rooms prefect for receiving friends.


In our opinion, it would be a mistake to cover these surfaces with a floating floor, engineered wood, or carpet. Before making such a decision, be aware that having concrete floors is an opportunity and that there are other – more trendy – solutions, such as clear-epoxy or metallic-epoxy finishes.

Clear Epoxy

During a visit to your local bookseller or favourite record store, you may have noticed that the concrete floor had a high gloss appearance. You liked it and wondered whether you could have a similar floor in your loft or basement. The answer is yes!

B-Protek has developed a technique to get the same professional results. The first step in preparation is to remove all impurities and achieve a level and smooth surface by means of a diamond-grinding machine. Next, a second passage of the grinder removes all traces that the first operation might have left behind. After this preparation, we apply two coats of clear epoxy. If you want a less glossy appearance, it is possible to apply a third layer of epoxy with a satin finish. You will be astonished by the amazing results.

Metallic Epoxy

There are now metallic epoxy finishes. For this finish, the concrete slab is prepared in the same manner as for clear epoxy, except for the application of a first layer of epoxy with metallic pigments having the same appearance of a car paint. Then a clear epoxy coating with the chosen brightness is applied. There is a wide selection of colours to enhance your decor. If desired, it is possible to add a second or third colour to give a mottled appearance to your floor. We like to say that this makes each finished surface a work of art, since they all offer different results that vary depending upon the creativity of the professional who applies them.

Whether you opt for the sleek appearance of the clear finish or the high-tech appearance of the metallic finish, each time you step upon the floor of your loft or basement, you’ll be glad to have chosen our specialists to do the work.



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